Rody Chiropractic FAQs

1. Do you take senior and Medicare patients?  

Yes, we do. All of our doctors see senior and Medicare patients. There are no steps to enter our building or inside the building to navigate. There is a push-button electric pad for the front doors to open. All doors, rooms, and bathrooms are ADA accessible. A referral may be required before being seen. Our treatments are especially good for arthritis, increasing flexibility, posture, strengthening, and overall functioning.

2.  Do Rody Chiropractic doctors treat children and infants?

Any age person may be treated at Rody Chiropractic, Massage, and Health. Infants, toddlers, youth, teenagers and college-aged patients do better under chiropractic care, if they are evaluated and treated early and as needed throughout their lifetimes.

3.  What are your hours for new patients to be seen?

On weekdays, our first new patient appointment is at 7:00 AM and our last new patient appointment is at 5:00 PM. We are open most Saturdays from 8 AM till Noon and a new patient appointment is available at 11 AM.

4.  Do you take Veteran’s Administration or VA patients?

All of the doctors are approved for VA patients, but you must ask at your Madigan appointments to be referred to this office. VA covers 100% of the examination, x-ray, massage, and chiropractic-adjustment fees, based on your referral need.

5.  What health insurance companies do you take?  

We are authorized to take most health insurance for chiropractic services. Many of these include Regence UH, Premera, First Choice, Kaiser (OONJ), and PTHA. Currently, we are not taking Cigna, Aetna, and we are not in-network with Kaiser Permanente. But we do take “out-of-network” Kaiser Permanente. We are not covered for adult Medicaid by the State of Washington or Tricare for the military or Basic Medical for the State of Washington.  

6.  Do you take on-the-job injuries?

On-the-job injuries are welcome here and paid for by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. After an on the job injury, please come here first. We will take care of all of your paperwork needs to open your claim.

7.  Are car accident injuries eligible for care at your office?

Yes, they are. Anyone injured in a car accident, regardless of age, is eligible for care. No referral is required to be seen by our chiropractors, but we do accept attorney referrals, MD referrals, and patient referrals for all car accident victims. Personal injury protection or 3rd party claims are also welcome. In fact, to make it easier on you, we have an in-office claims representative to help you with all of the paperwork needed to process your claim. Please call our office at 253-535-6006, and we will take care of all of your paperwork needs.

8.  What attorney’s do you work with regularly?

Since 1982 we have worked with many personal injury attorneys successfully. We welcome your attorney referral to be a patient here. If you need an attorney, we have an extensive list available to help you choose one closest to your area of residence.

9.  Is your office easily accessible?

We are pleased to let you know that we are located next to the Canyon Road exit of Highway 512 in Puyallup. We are only 5 minutes from I5 in Tacoma. We have two buildings; one for chiropractic and one for massage. And we are surrounded by 77 of our own parking spaces.

10.  If I have health insurance, how do I find out what my out of pocket expenses are?  

When you call our office, your information will be taken down, and an appointment time and date will be given to you. Your information will then be processed by our billing department. After a call to your insurance company by our staff, the first visit out of pocket expenses, and follow up visits, will be known. You will be given a follow-up call ahead of your first visit with this information, for your approval. This service is done at no charge to you and you are allowed to keep your appointment if agreeable.

11.  Does your office offer any additional services?

We offer Acupuncture with Robert Call. To schedule you may call (253) 592-3389. He is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in the massage center. Nutritional therapy is also available through Steve and Sherry Fry and they can be reached at (360) 477-1930. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday on the property. We also offer Foot Leveler orthotics (for patients only) with laser measurements and Cold Laser treatments for pain, inflammation, and other areas of concern, for faster recovery.