Reasons to see a chiropractor

There are more than a few reasons to see a chiropractor, but we’re all busy, so here are the top four reasons to seek chiropractic treatment.

But first, what are chiropractors? Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in spinal health. Structural misalignment of the spine results in the body having to compensate, which puts the body in an awkward position, causing wear and tear on joints and strain on muscles, resulting in arthritis and/or degenerative joint diseases. These conditions keep you from exercise, from comfortable work postures, and functioning at peak performance for sports and other daily activities. Basically, pain can be evidence of malfunction, which can turn into a condition, which can turn into a disease, and result in early death. Therefore, an early diagnosis is critical to your overall health.

The structural balance of the human body is maintained by a precise interaction between our muscles, nervous system, and skeletal framework. When everything is in alignment, we move without pain and feel great. But when vertebrae get out of alignment, pain starts wreaking havoc on this delicately balanced system.

So why should you see a chiropractor? The simple answer: chiropractors are specialists for treating certain types of pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Modern chiropractic treatment is evidence-based and useful for treating many conditions.

Top 4 reasons to see a chiropractor

  1. Relieving back or neck pain – Misaligned spinal vertebrae are often the underlying cause of neck or back pain, the source of most mobility challenges, and can even be the reason for a loss of bodily sensation, but “traditional” medicine lacks good tools to fix misalignment. Our type of chiropractic treatment gently restores your body’s natural alignment, decreasing and often eliminating back and neck pain. It can also treat tingling, numbness, and muscle tension.
  2. Treating headaches and migraines – Certain headaches, including migraines, may benefit from chiropractic treatment. Evidence from multiple studies suggests that chiropractic care improves migraines and other types of headaches.
  3. Improved sleep – Who doesn’t want better sleep? But back and neck pain rob us of sleep. Loss of sleep is about more than just feeling tired. It has a negative impact on our overall health. Sleep is essential for keeping everyday illnesses at bay. And it turns out that quality sleep has even been linked to lowering your chances for more serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease.
  4. Natural pain management – Completely natural and drug free, chiropractic can often reduce back and neck pain from injuries, poor posture, scoliosis, and more, allowing you to live a fuller, healthier, and more comfortable life without the risk of turning to potentially addictive medications. In fact, the American College of Physicians recommends superficial heat, massage, acupuncture, or spinal manipulation (i.e. chiropractic) for treating lower back pain. We offer many of these services, offering you a holistic approach to healing.
Amy Rody helping a patient

Why should you see an Atlas chiropractor?

There is more than one “brand” of chiropractic. At Rody, we practice Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic for a few simple but profound reasons. It’s gentle and it’s effective.

An Atlas Orthogonist is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, with training in the structure, function and bio-mechanics of the upper cervical spine.

Our doctors utilize a high-tech instrument that uses sound waves to adjust the cervical spine. It’s gentle, painless and effective. Studies have shown that Atlas Orthogonal treatment can lead to significant reductions in neck pain. Studies show that Atlas Orthogonal can also provide relief to those suffering from migraines. No strenuous manipulation is ever employed or needed. You will be comfortably positioned on a specially designed table. Our chiropractor will then apply the skills and techniques necessary to realign the vertebrae with precise adjustment of the cervical spine.

This treatment speeds and encourages the body’s healing process by gently adjusting the cervical vertebrae back toward normal alignment, thus helping the entire body. Patients who may expect more forceful manipulations a part of their treatment, find it hard to believe that anything effective has been accomplished. But their doubts and fears quickly vanish when their pain and discomfort disappear. Prevention and early detection of misalignments through regular checkups is the key to natural health — and one more reason to see a chiropractor.