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  • Rody Chiropractic: Why suffer when help is available?

    Rody Chiropractic: Why suffer when help is available?

    Dr. Gordon, Dr. Amy and Dr. Jon out in the community, walking a 5K for charity.

  • Atlas Orthogonal

    Atlas Orthogonal

    Why do we specialize in adjusting your atlas? Hint: It's the key to your spine's alignment!.

  • The Newest Rody

    The Newest Rody

    Meet Dr. Gordon's grandson and Dr. Amy's nephew!

  • History of Chiropractic

    History of Chiropractic

    Discover how Chiropractic has developed since 1895.

  • Chiropractic Doctors

    Chiropractic Doctors

    Rody Chiropractic: Dr. Gordon, Dr. Amy and Dr. Jon.

  • Why X-Ray?

    Why X-Ray?

    Learn why Rody Chiropractic uses digital x-rays to help you reach optimal health.

Rody Chiropractic in Puyallup, Washington

Since 1985, Rody Chiropractic has been improving the lives of people in and around Puyallup, Washington with a family-focused team of Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. We utilize the highly effective and widely acclaimed Atlas Orthogonal method for Chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle and effective method to living a healthy life. That’s why millions of families choose a chiropractor as part of their health care solution.

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Why try Chiropractic?

You’re taking an exciting initial step toward better health. Chiropractic care offers new ways to get well and stay well. You’ll meet the doctor after filling out some brief paperwork. Our modern Chiropractic facility in Puyallup contains the latest in equipment and tools providing the most up-to-date care available. This includes several adjusting and fully equipped x-ray and evaluation stations.

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