Love love the results!
Cindy T

Excellent Customer Service & Family Oriented. Love it here!
Katie K

24 years of Dr. Gordon's amazing help! ♥♥♥♥♥
Kelly E

I fell so much better when I leave
Sherry W

I always feel like myself again, every time I come.
Valerie H

I'm so so happy after only two adjustments. Love Dr. Amy
Lisa R

The best Chiropractor on this planet is Dr. Amy. If it wasn't for her I don't know how I would make it.
Christi A

Love Dr Rody. Kind, gentle, caring. Has definitely helped me and many others.
Debbie S

So simple, friendly. ...I know with this help I can maintain a busy schedule and feel good! Thank you Rody team!
Steven F

Thank you Dr. Amy for fixing my neck yesterday and my lie back tonight! Don't know what I would do without you and chiropractics!
Susan G

I just started yesterday at Rody Chiropractic office. I was very nervous about this visit. You always seem to hear the negative aspects of chiropractic but I AM THRILLED WITH THIS PLACE! ! I feel amazing after two visits! ! I was broken and I feel straight and tall again. I am asking myself what took so long? I still love massage therapy but I need a little more and I found it at Rody Chiropractic!! Thank you lease on life!!
Amaleta B

I love Rody Chiropractic! The staff is friendly and knowledgable! Dr. Amy is my favorite, she has made a huge difference in my back! I highly recommend Rody Chiropractor!!!
Liz M

You guys are a God sent and I'm extremely thankful that all of you take care of me after my accidents.
Tracey B

Everytime my wife and I need some relief, Dr Rody takes care of us. We enjoy going even more knowing of your strong faith. Thanks to you and your staff for all you do!
Chris M

My whole family loves the care we have been given for the past 17+ years. Thank you 🙂
Jeff T

I started with the Doctors when they were on the other side of the freeway. I loved their work because it only took a couple of adjustments to feel like a million bucks. Have gone off and on over the years. Great place and wonderful and caring Doctors and staff.
Shannon D

They can fix all your pains. They take the time to find out right where you are and get you moving down the road to healing.
Kim R

My family has been going there for years. I always come away from the office with excellent service, they have a warm and cozy atmosphere, and I always leave in a better state then when I came. Well done! Keep on "crackin" us up Rody's.
Grace C

We were referred by friends to Dr. Gordon last September 2014. My 14 year old daughter has constant migraines since she was 4, but she couldn't really explain it to us until she was 9 years old. She thought it was "normal". Poor kid!! Anyway, went to different chiropractors throughout a 3 year period who were focusing on her spine and curvature. THEN we went to Dr. Gordon, what a blessing!! He explained about the atlas and sure enough hers was off. He adjusted it and immediately she could hear better, felt taller, pains in stomach started going away etc. He has worked on her muscles that are too tight on one side and too stretched on the other from curvature. But, with the atlas adjusted correctly the rest is falling into place. After 10 visits Dr. Gordon reevaluated her and her spine is normal, YES, you read that right, normal. When we started seeing him my daughters migraines were a 4 out of 10 100% of the day and they would peak to an 8 for hours numerous times during the day. Now after seeing him for a year, her headaches have slowing been getting less and less. Now after a year, they are a constant of just under or just above a 1 but NOT a 2 and she peaks to a 4-6 and it lasts for just a few minutes and not everyday!!! My daughter can finally have a childhood and enjoy her teenage years. Dr. Gordon's staff has made us feel like family and very cared for. The love for the patients in that office is remarkable. God Bless all at Rody Chiropractic. Oh, she is also eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up--her stomach and digestion were so off that eating was not enjoyable. But now it is 🙂
David I

Amazing family ran business!! I started coming here after a car accident. I was scared because I had never seen a chiropractor before. But, they took X-rays to see exactly what was going on with my spine. Dr. Gordon was very informative and explained everything that was jumbled in the crash and how we could go about fixing it. My first adjustment was that first day and my biggest fear was the jerky neck thing I had seen on TV... Well, they don't do that here! The Atlas machine was quick, easy and didn't hurt. It was literally life changing! That was well over a year ago and I still come for regular check ups and adjustments. I have recommended many friends to come here, and I will continue to because Dr. Gordon and his amazing team are by far the BEST! They remember me, ask questions about my daughter and genuinely care about everyone that walks through the door. Thank you Rody Chiropractic!
Robin C

Dr. Amy rocks! I slipped and fell on my SI joint Sunday and couldn't stand on my left leg without significant pain. Pain is gone!
Kelly O

I enjoyed the friendly staff who took great care of me after a bad automobile accident. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Rody Chiropractor!
Paul D

I have been going to this chiropractors office for 6 years or more and I tell everyone about them, they are amazing and do wonders for your body!
Stacey B

The best experience I've ever had at a chiropractic facility by far. The environment is friendly and caring and I could never replace the relationships I've developed there. So thankful and blessed to know all them from the front desk, to massage therapist's, to their doctors. Incredible facility and staff. Much respect from Dallas, Texas.
Tommy D

I injured my back a few months back and Dr. Gordon was able to get me in that day to get x-rays and see my sprain. He worked it out over a few months and I am healing well and nearly back to normal. The staff is well trained and are always courteous and helpful. I also had a few massages and I went to a different masseuse each time. All were very unique and helpful in different ways. I would recommend anyone to try them out even if it's not an injury like me but a simple alignment, they can really help you out. They have a convenient and helpful reminder system so you won't forget your appointments!
Mark R

Dr. Gordon is terrific. He really listened to my concerns and explained the whole process to a newbie like me. I felt so much better after my first adjustment on the "Wow" machine. 🙂 Looking forward to getting back 'back' together in his care.
Davina M

I and my family have been going here for the past 11 years. Started with Dr. Doug who took such good care of me. So compassionate and funny . Dr. Jon is my caregiver now , he and the entire staff are so wonderful. Love coming here for what I need. Thank you all very much ❤
Andrea S

I have had such a great experience I thought I should share. I started going to Rody in January after they were very highly recommended to me by multiple clients of mine. I was hesitant to go after having a bad experience at another chiropractor but couldnt bare the pain anymore. From the minute I called to book my first appointment, I knew they were great and would take their time evaluating and treating my back pain. Once I walked in, I was again reassured that they were there to help me & to get me on the right track. Dr. Chris is amazing at what he does. He has helped my back so much! The massage therapists Val & Sabrina are also fantastic! The office staff is very friendly and I LOVE that they play Christian music. Such a warm & friendly atmosphere!
Kali H

The best place in the Northwest! 5 star service for sure! From Emily who works in the front end to Carol my masseuse who took time to understand my needs and discomfort. Very welcoming from beginning to end!
Roxanne Z

I enjoyed the friendly staff who took great care of me after a bad automobile accident. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Rody Chiropractor!
Paul D

Love the customer service, very clean environment, if somebody doesn't give this place a 5 star rating they're just having a bad day and want to make someone else miserable with them.....great place to go to for your chiropractic needs, trust me.
Dee L

I started going to Rody Chiropractic after the chiropractor I was seeing retired. I wasn't referred to this office by anyone, I've just driven by the building for many years. If it wasn't for Rody I don't think I ever would have healed up properly from my motorcycle accident. Everybody was super friendly and my treatment plan was clearly laid out. I felt at ease from the moment I walked into the office until my last treatment, which was yesterday. Even though my claim has come to a close I will continue to go to this office for wellness visits
Tracy G

I have never been to a Chiropractor before, this place was recommended to me by several people. I love it here. I see Dr. Chris and he explained everything he did and why, is very personable and knowledgeable and as i improve is tapering my visits off which I appreciate. Great place if you are looking!!
Tamara J

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If you’re searching for a gentle and effective chiropractor in Puyallup, WA, we’re here to help. Rody Chiropractic offers a premier team of chiropractors committed to serving individuals and families with gentle care, fair prices, friendly service, and all-around excellence. Life is busy. Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is hard. That’s why we’ve created a holistic-health destination for you with chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional support, acupuncture, and more all in one convenient campus.

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We have as our priority your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our staff and practitioners. With the concerns we all have over the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we believe it important to inform you all of the steps we are taking to maintain a safe environment in our clinics. We also thought you should know how the current situation will impact your access to healthcare at our offices. COVID-19 Update

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You’ve heard chiropractic can change your life, relieve back and neck pain, and promote your overall health. The “rumors” are true. But maybe you’ve also heard that chiropractic treatment can be harsh. Great news. Nothing could be further from the truth at Rody Chiropractic.

When you’re treated by one of our Puyallup chiropractors, you’ll experience Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, a widely acclaimed form of evaluation and treatment known for gentleness and superior results. Since 1982, Rody Chiropractic has been improving our patients’ lives with a family-focused team of chiropractors. Our chiropractors offer a safe, gentle, and effective path toward a healthier life. That’s why millions of families choose a chiropractor as part of their health care solution.

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When you work with one of our chiropractors in Puyallup, WA, you’re taking an exciting step toward better health. If you’ve relied solely on “traditional” medicine up until now, there are many reasons to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care offers natural ways to treat neck and back pain, and improve your overall health. On your first visit, you’ll meet your doctor after filling out some brief paperwork. Our modern chiropractic facility contains the latest in equipment and tools providing the most up-to-date care available.

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